Rug Mending and Local Moving


A common problem

A common problem with Oriental rugs is that we want to show them off and show how they tie the room together, but we do not want them to get dirty or damaged. The two options are essentially to hide the rug away from the dangers of the world or to have a company that you can trust to repair your rug or clean it should it get damaged or dirty.

We are a collective of more than 40 rug enthusiasts that have made it our passion to care for and clean the rugs of our customers. Since we are all rug collectors ourselves, we have the knowledge needed to take care of your rug as we would our own. This is what makes us different and the best Oakland Movers – best moving service Berkeley CA.

The advantage of experience

Combined, we have more than 50 years of rug collecting, cleaning and repair experience. We are part of a large community of people that live, eat and breathe rugs. This means that we understand all of the work that goes into purchasing and showcasing them, and that we will guard your property with our lives.

Not every rug cleaning and repair business knows about rugs, but we have done our homework and can guarantee that our services are second to none. Alongside our groups of experts and rug specialists, we use high tech equipment to repair rugs and sometimes do it by hand if needed. Getting your rug back to you in pristine order is something that we pride ourselves on.