Rug cleaning


A common story

You got a new rug with the intentions of keeping it pristine for the entirety of the time that you owned it. It didn’t take you long to realize that you had two options, either store the rug away from the feet of people walking over it, or have it out and watch it get dirtier and dirtier by the day. You want to preserve your rug, but what is the point if it cannot be seen and admired?

Luckily there is a way to have your cake and eat it too. You can display your rug and let it get dirty and used, but still prolong its life. This is where we come in. We have been cleaning rugs for years and know exactly how to make your rug spotless without ruining it. The rug really ties the room together, and we want to make sure that it does for years to come.

The best service

We are all rug collectors ourselves so we know exactly what it means to clean a cherished rug. They are not cheap and most of the time are irreplaceable. This is why we use state of the art equipment to care for your rug and allow you to rest easy knowing that it is in good hands.

Allow us to help you show off your rug with pride and prolong the life of your investment using experience and passion. We guarantee that we are unlike any other rug cleaning service.